CCM JetSpeed FT680 armbågsskydd JR

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Artikelnummer: EP680JR

It isn't simple to give proper protection to an arm that's in constant motion—let alone firing clappers left and right. The JETSPEED FT680 elbow pads fix that problem by offering a three-piece anatomical fit that moves with you and fits your arm the way it needs to. Easy to customize thanks to a system of straps, it's bespoke protection at its finest.

Hybrid three-piece design
For added mobility and comfort, the new design with a floating bicep pad lets you move naturally, in a lighter, yet robust construction.

Compress-molded PE plastic forearm guard
Quality molded PE and sublimated lining offer excellent protection and comfort.

Molded PE cap with JDP construction + exposed EVA foam cover
Anatomical fit donut hole and sublimated lining offer high-level protection and comfort.

Floating bicep pad + PE insert
High-caliber coverage around the bicep area and soft liner for competitive-level protection and comfort.

Flexible middle lock strap + nylon forearm strap
Comfortable and fully customizable fit.