CCM Tacks XF PRO armbågsskydd JR

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Artikelnummer: EPXFPROJR

The TACKS XF PRO elbow pads stand out with their adjustable design, allowing young players to slide the forearm guard up and down for tailored coverage. These pads combine unparalleled protection with FLEXMOTION construction, ensuring unrestricted movement. Equipped with JDP caps and a D3O® Zero comfort doughnut, they absorb impact energy to safeguard the elbow. The ADPTFIT design ensures a snug fit that covers the entire forearm without hindering puck control. Plus, the 360° wrap-around straps are perfect for growing skaters, providing a secure fit that adapts to their needs.

Max coverage ASD (Anatomical Shield Design) + 2-piece construction
Our 2-piece construction is engineered to offer maximum-level protection and comfort to make sure you’re ready to take on the worse of impacts without sacrificing mobility.

Adjustable ADPTFIT guard fitted with D3O® Zero + sublimated liner
Pro-level injection molded forearm guard gives you maximum coverage and durable protection. The ADPTFIT Guard design allows you to adapt your coverage along the forearm according to your playing style. Comfortable EVA foam liners offer better breathability and comfort.

Anatomical JDP cap + D3O® Zero comfort donut
Pro-level cap and newly repositioned D3O® Zero to better help support the elbow and help distribute impact energy away from the joints.

FLEXMOTION dual layered bicep + air channels
Our FLEXMOTION dual-layered bicep is there to keep your elbow in place and increase your range of motion. Breathability is also key, so we added air channels to increase airflow during play.

ADPTFIT guard + straps with triple pull middle lock strap + 360 wraparound forearm strap
Fully adjustable coverage with our ADPTFIT guard and the 360° wraparound strap makes sure your elbow stays in place.