CCM JetSpeed FT6 PRO armbågsskydd SR

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Artikelnummer: EPFT6PROSR

CCM has put its best minds towards engineering cutting-edge protective gear. The result can be found in the JETSPEED FT6 PRO elbow pads, fine-tuned protective gear featuring the AER-TEC thermoregulation system for enhanced air circulation. With superlative protection offering maximum mobility, the JETSPEED FT6 PRO elbow pads are simply top of the class.

AER-TEC THERMOREGULATION SYSTEM + 3-piece Flexmotion design
AER-TEC thermoregulation system provides maximum breathability to keep you cool and dry. 3-piece Flexmotion construction follows the elbow's natural movements to offer superior comfort and pro-level protection.

Reinforced high-density foam forearm guard with ventilation ports + AER-TEC suspension
Pro-level forearm guard made of compress-molded exposed foam provides the highest level of lightweight protection while the innovative AER-TEC suspension system provides ventilation and aids airflow to keep you cool and dry.

Molded PE cap with JDP construction + exposed EVA foam cover
JDP elbow cap design to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint plus a reinforced exposed EVA foam cover for even more protection. Premium sublimated lining and donut hole for a comfortable feel.

High-density foam bicep cover + Flexlide articulated bicep + ventilation ports
Compress-molded exposed DRYFOAM liner with max ventilation for cooling. Optimized articulation at the bicep provides better mobility to keep protection in place.

Y-shape middle lock strap for optimized retention + nylon forearm strap
Anti-slippage construction to help keep your elbow protection locked in and comfortable.