CCM JetSpeed FT680 armbågsskydd SR

  • 849 kr
  • 699 kr

Artikelnummer: EP680SR

The JETSPEED FT680 elbow pads boast a brand-new hybrid three-piece design, providing unparalleled ease of movement and joints that perfectly replicate the human arm.  Made of molded PE foam and offering superlative coverage, it's a piece of equipment you simply can't step on the ice without.

Hybrid three-piece design
For added mobility and comfort, the new design with a floating bicep pad lets you move naturally, in a lighter, yet robust construction.

Compress-molded PE plastic forearm guard
Quality molded PE and sublimated lining offer excellent protection and comfort.

Molded PE cap with JDP construction + exposed EVA foam cover
Anatomical fit donut hole and sublimated lining offer high-level protection and comfort.

Floating bicep pad + PE insert
High-caliber coverage around the bicep area and soft liner for competitive-level protection and comfort.

Flexible middle lock strap + nylon forearm strap
Comfortable and fully customizable fit.