CCM Tacks XF PRO armbågsskydd YT

  • 549 kr
  • 499 kr

Artikelnummer: EPXFPROYT

The youth version of our TACKS XF PRO elbow pads offers the same highest standards of protection and comfort but with a design better suited to the anatomy of young recruits. The articulated bicep protector, adjustable dual-strap Velcro system, and JDP shell that protects the joint with D3O® Zero foam all demonstrate our attention to detail, even for youth equipment.

JDP CAP reinforced with D3O® Zero + molded foam coverage
Designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint while D3O® Zero helps absorb impact and shock in a hard cap construction to give young players elite-level protection.

Articulated bicep
PE Foam provides comfort and mobility.

Double strap adjustment system with maximized velcro landing zone
Built for comfort and protection, the strap system keeps your elbow pad in place.