Frontier F90 ForceBack mv-klubba Sr

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Frontier "F90 ForceBack" is the first ever Frontier model having integrated into the PU Foam ABS Heel reinforcement piece. Reduced weight of the Foam together with Carbon Laminate surfaced paddle and extra stiff blade makes it a reliable tool for PRO goalies who are looking for lightweight, well balanced and durable stick


Reinforcing carbon fiberglass laminate surfaced paddle – to give to the paddle part extra resistance, stability and stiffness.
X-directional type of Finnish glassfiber laminate surfaced blade enabling the goalie a better control and puck handling.
Excellent vibration dampening features due to optimally balanced consistence of PU foam used in the paddle.
Optimal stiffness from heel to toe.
Increased heel durability by adding integrated ABS protection part to the PU Foam.
Reduced weight, excellent balance.