CCM XF målvaktsbyxor SR

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Artikelnummer: HPGXFSR

Experience elite performance with the introduction of AER-TEC thermoregulation into the new CCM XF Goalie Pants. Stay cooler and play at your best in the CCM XF Pant. With the Max Flex Fit design, segmented coverage and strategic stretch zones offer maximum mobility with premium protection, including D3O® along the upper thigh and groin area. The Fit+ belt system allows for adjustments tailored to your comfort preferences, including accommodating for both tucked or untucked chest protectors.

Spine Design
AER-TEC ventilation system with molded HD foam
Maximized airflow to promote sweat evaporation for improved performance.

AER-TEC ventilation system
Perforated liner with airflow channels for maximum breathability.

Max Flex fit
Built for maximum mobility while maintaining coverage. Hidden zipper with 1" length extender.

Hidden zipper with 1" length extender

Fit+ inner belt system
Improved fit and feel that can be adapted for comfort, mobility, and tuck preferences.

FLEXMOTION design with segmented D3O® smart material
Maximum mobile protection for dynamic movements from save to save.

Contoured leg design with molded HD/LD foam
4200 high-abrasion nylon with added breathability and stretch zones.