CCM EFLEX 5 PROLITE målvaktsklubba SR

  • 3 899 kr
  • 2 999 kr

Artikelnummer: HSE5PLCSR

Introducing Sigma STG, sigmatex's new carbon weave, the new EFLEX5 PROLITE is our lightest goalie stick ever made and the perfect complement for your lightning-quick reflexes. The optimized construction offers enhanced vibration dampening, while the new High Flex profile helps stop pucks along the boards and easily clear the zone.

Optimized vibration dampening construction with aerograde foam
Improved construction offering enhanced vibration dampening from the combination of a full carbon construction with high-performance aerograde dampening foam.

Sigmatex Sigma STG carbon weave
New goalie stick specific carbon weave that helps reduce the weight drastically, while still offering exceptional durability.

New High Flex profile
Combining a stiffer paddle and a softer shaft, this new flex profile has been developed to enable easier puck stopping along the board and zone clearances when needed.

Rounded shape
The rounded shape delivers greater impact resistance and better comfort.


CRAWFORD - P4 (182-2)