CCM Tacks XF PRO byxor JR

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Artikelnummer: HPXFPROJR

Equip your junior skaters with pro-level fit and protection with the TACKS XF PRO hockey pants. Featuring an integrated adjustable belt and stabilized belly pad, these pants offer comprehensive protection, with a practical 1" length extension to accommodate growth. The complete ASD (Anatomical Shield Design) and pro-level ventilation ensure your child can breathe comfortably during intense games. With premium liner absorption and multiple moulded protective caps, these pants have your youngsters covered.

Max coverage ASD (Anatomical Shield Design) FlexMotion wraparound protection + AER-TEC ventilation system
Engineered to offer the highest level of protection, now with an advanced level of breathability thanks to the addition of some AER-TEC thermoregulation features. The ventilated belly pad brings in cool air and the MAX COVERAGE ASD protects you like the pros.

Integrated belt + stabilized belly pad + 1" zipper
Adjustable built-in belt locks pants in place during play, while the protective belly pad offers more coverage and stays where it should. The practical hidden +1" length extension is great for growth spurts or taller players.

Molded PE Caps + sublimated comfort liner
Premium sublimated liner absorbs less sweat and pro-level protection in the caps helps you stay protected and dry on the ice.

JDP hip caps with D3O® Zero + AER-TEC ventilation system
Pro-level hip cap reinforced with D3O® Zero disperses impact force away from hip joints while the unique segmented FlexMotion hip pad design increases mobility. Added AER-TEC ventilation system to help keep you cool and dry.

Exposed foam spine with D3O® Zero + seamless transition to tailpad + foam insert
Pro-level spine protection with added ventilation exhaust system for superior breathability with segmented tailbone pad for pro-level mobility.

Floating molded PE plastic cap + PE foam + inner leg zipper
Durable Pro-level protection with floating thigh guards allowing custom embroidery, plus inner leg zipper to widen as needed.

Premium 400D nylon with high abrasion-resistant side panel + Pro cut + ventilated air intake & exhaust system
Made of premium nylon reinforced in all the important areas, with a pro cut in back of the legs and newly added ventilation system for elite breathability.