CCM Super Tacks AS1 armbågsskydd Sr

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Artikelnummer: EPAS1SR

The Super Tacks AS1 elbow pad was designed to give elite players the protection, customizability, and comfort they need to perform at the highest levels.
JDP CAP REINFORCED WITH D3O® SMART MATERIAL AND MOLDED FOAM COVERAGE. Lightweight pro level construction dispersing the force of impact away from the elbow jointwith D3O® impact and shock absorption technology for eliteprotection.
ARTICULATED DUAL LAYE RBICEP WITH EXTENDED COVERAGE. Molded exposed foam and bicep construction for optimized mobility and protection.
COMPRESS MOLDED EXPOSEDHD FOAM WITH D3O® SMART MATERIAL. Premium HD foam and D3O® impactand shock absorption technology for elite protection.
MIDDLE REINFORCED LOCKSTRAP, ELASTIC BICEP STRAP AND LENGTH ADJUSTABLE FOREARM STRAP. 360°surround strap system developed to secure elbow pad in place and maintain excellent level of comfort.