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Artikelnummer: HSFT3INT

The JetSpeed FT3 is designed to score from anywhere. Featuring a hybrid kick point, r-geometry and new optimized shaft design, this is our lightest, quickest and most durable stick yet.
Kick point
HYBRID FLEX PROFILE. Creates a power hinge effect so you can load the stick using a blend of speed and response.
JS4 BLADE. Lightweight blade with proprietary dampened core, reinforced heel/toe area and tactile blade surface that delivers heightened puck feel.
Shaft design
JETSPEED SHAFT WITH DOUBLE-CONCAVE DIMENSIONS. R-geometry provides rounded corners, concave sides, a shape that's incredibly streamlined. The result is an ultra-comfortable, high-performance stick preferred by the pros.
Shaft technology
NEW OPTIMIZED SHAFT DESIGN. Developed using cutting-edge design tools to substantially reduce weight without sacrificing durability.
C6 WEAVE ON BLADE AND SHAFT + PEEL PLY BLADE TEXTURE. A lightweight carbon fiber weave for extraordinary stiffness, strength and durability throughout the shaft and blade.
Intermediate geometry
I-SHAPE. Designed in collaboration with elite men, women and youth hockey players, this new design features rounded corners and concave sides for improved control and comfort.


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