CCM Ribcor Pro³ PMT klubba Int

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Artikelnummer: HSRCP3INT

Optimized Ribcor low kick
The ease and quickness of release of a low kick with an enhanced flex zone in the upper third of the shaft to allow players to store maximum energy during their release.
X-flow technology
An optimized molding technology which allows for better compaction of the fibers, leading to increased durability and lighter weight.
Ascent blade 2
Optimized blade that features a tactile surface for heightened puck feel and added reinforcement in the heel and toe.
C6 Blade with a tactile surface, along with a C6 Shaft. Provides great all-around stiffness for added durability on the shaft and blade.
New intermediate geometry
Designed with the help of elite women's hockey players and a cross-section of youth players. Rounded corners and concave sides for better control and comfort.


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