Bauer Re-akt 200 hjälm Sr

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Our most innovative liner to date. The multi-density SUSPEND-TECH NG liner integrates lightweight VTX, XRD® Foam and advanced molded foams to shape to your head and provide maximum protection and comfort. Create a truly custom fit for added comfort with the moldable BAUER FIT PLATE occipital lock. Experts state that concussions are mainly due to acceleration or deceleration of the brain, and helmets may not prevent concussions caused by these forces.
VTX technology SUSPEND-TECH NG Liner system with textured XRD® Foam Molded, multi-density liner for maximum coverage CSA, HECC, CE certified.
Customized Fit
BAUER FIT PLATE customizable occipital lock with Recovery Alloy technology Central tool-free adjustment.