CCM Fitlite 60 hjälm Sr

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Artikelnummer: HTFL60

The CCM Fitlite 60 helmet features an engineered subshell created for lightweight protection. Designed to help manage multiple types of impacts by integrating CCM’s ground-breaking R.E.D. System to its innovative comfort liner. The CCM Fitlite helmet combines the advantage of a fully customizable lightweight fit with innovation in safety and protection.
Scientists indicate that brain injuries and concussions are mainly due to linear and rotational accelerations of the brain. No hockey helmet can prevent or eliminate the risk of head injury, including concussions.

R.E.D. system
LIQUID FILLED BLADDERS POSITIONED BETWEEN THE LINER AND THE PLAYER’S HEAD. Revolutionary technology developed with Oblique Technology and the University of Ottawa to manage multiple types of impacts.
Fit clips
TOOL FREE LENGTH ADJUSTMENT. Easy adjustment on the side of the helmet for a customized fit and high level of comfort.
LOW DENSITY EPP LINER WITH LYCRA COMFORT CUSHIONS. Offers a high level protection and comfort.
HIGH DENSITY PE SHELL. Lightweight high level of protection.

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