CCM Tacks 9080 benskydd Sr

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Artikelnummer: SG9080SR

The Tacks 9080 shin guard was designed to give elite players the protection, customizability, and comfort they need to perform at the highest levels.
COMPRESS MOLDED EXPOSED FOAM AND PE INSERT WITH D3O® SHOT BLOCK PROTECTION. Premium foam combined with PE inserts and D3O® impact and shock absorption technology for elite protection.
Knee caps
JDP CAP WITH REINFORCED D3O® SMART MATERIAL. Pro level cap construction designed to disperse the force of impact away from the knee and D3O® impact and shock absorption technology.
Shin cap
ANATOMICAL PE SHIN CAP DESIGN WITH TAPE GROOVE. Pro strength PE shin cap and landing to lockin hockey tape.
UPPER LOCK STRAP AND LENGTH ADJUSTABLE CALF STRAP. Customizable adjustment for a perfect snug fit for all calf sizes.
REMOVABLE COMFORT LINER WITH KNEE CUT-OUT. Obtain a custom fit with the removable comfortline for finding perfect level of comfort.