CCM Ribcor 78K skridskor Jr

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Artikelnummer: SK78KJR

The Ribcor 78K skate features a refined design and the addition of the new SpeedBlade XS. With its unique combination of unequaled comfort, fit and performance, the Ribcor 78K is a skate in its own league.
Quarter package
COMPOSITE QUARTER. 3D-lasted quarter with ultimate forward flexion and lateral stability design, maximizing the skater's stride.
FLEXIBLE FIT. Provides a contoured and snug fit for all players.
Stiffness performance index
FLEXFRAME TECHNOLOGY. Avariable stiffness design offering an excellent fit and enhanced biomecanics with every stride.
HD MICRO FIBER WITH DURAZONE ABRASION PROTECTION. High resistance to wear, while providing comfort and durability.
Comfort pad
SMOOTH CONTOUR PRO.Soft pad around collar of the boot for superior foot and anklecomfort.
Ankle padding
ADPT MEMORY FOAM. Symmetrical foam comfort pads wrap anatomically around player's foot for customized fit and comfort.
FELT TONGUE WITH EMBOSSED LACE-BITE PROTECTION. 7 mm felt with reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection.
CONCAVE REINFORCED INJECTION WITH EXHAUST SYSTEM. Stiff profile that helps generate energy transfer.
CCM ANATOMICAL RESPONSE. Provides great support and comfort.
SPEEDBLADE XS. Newquick-release holder with bladelock system.
SB XS STAINLESS. Provides a long lasting edge for long term performance.