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Artikelnummer: SKAS3SR

Ready to take your game to the next level? Introducing the new Super Tacks AS3 - the most customizable skate to ever hit the ice. Equipped with an optimized One-Piece Boot and groundbreaking XS Tongue Technology, these wheels are engineered to maximize your comfort and give you faster feet.
Quarter package
ONE-PIECE BOOT - MONOFRAME. The one-piece boot is all about pure performance. With this technology, players get more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for faster feet.
RFM COMPOSITE. NHL-caliber lightweight composite material.
ANATOMICAL. Provides a form-fitting, 360-degree fit around the forefoot, heel and ankle.
Stiffness performance index
190. Lightweight, stiff and thermo-formable core generates ultimate skating performance.
TOTALDRI LINER WITH DURAZONE ABRASION PROTECTION. High-performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light, with added protection against wear or rubbing.
Comfort pad
INJECTED SMOOTH CONTOUR PRO. Featuring a thick pad around the top of the boot, this one-piece injected tendon guard hugs your foot and ankle while adding durability to the collar.
Ankle padding
MULTI-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM. Symmetrical foam pads wrap anatomically around the foot for customized fit and comfort.
REPLACEABLE ASYMMETRICAL TRITECH FLEX WITH MOLDED LACE-BITE PROTECTION. New replaceable 7 mm asymmetrical tongue molds to the foot, and features enhanced lace-bite protection.
LIGHTWEIGHT MIDSOLE. For enhanced energy transfer from blade to boot.
CCM ORTHOLITE® ULTRALITE™. Ultra-lightweight comfort and superior support.
SPEEDBLADE XS. New quick-release holder with bladelock system.
XS STAINLESS. Provides a long-lasting edge for long-term performance.