CCM EFLEX 6.5 målvaktsskridskor JR

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  • 1 999 kr

Artikelnummer: SKE6.5JR

These EFLEX 6.5 goalie skates offer along-lasting edge, so you can stay ahead of the game. With featureslike a new 10F27 profile that supports forward leaning goaltendingaction and a 3D-injected boot for ultimate comfort and endurance,these skates won't let you down. Support, speed, and durability—whatmore could you want?

3D injected boot
Ergonomic boot-shaping system for greatcomfort and new texturized finish for improved durability

Stiffness of 130
Lightweight, stiff, and thermoformablecore generates ultimate skating performance

HD Microfiber liner
High resistance to wear with added EVAlayer delivering major fit and comfort

Felt tongue with molded lace-biteprotection
7mm felt with added foam for comfortand protection

Molded CCM footbed
Ultra-lightweight comfort and superiorsupport, using recycled EVA foam

Speedblade XSG holder 
CCM quick-release holder with BladeLocksystem

Speedblade XSG 10F27 runner
Provides a long-lasting edge forsustained performance with new 10F27 profile to encourageforward-leaning goalie stance