CCM YTFLEX 3 målvaktskombinat YT

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Artikelnummer: ABYFX3YT

Give your young goalie the confidence to stop any shot that comes their way. With the YTFLEX 3 goalie chest protector's flexible coverage, great mobilty and adjustable fit system, you'll know your up and coming goalie is protected as they step in front of every shot.

PE foam on sternum & chest
Keeps the goalie safe from high shots

Segmented square design shoulder wings & caps
Gives the goalie coverage and mobility3-piece construction on body & ribsHelps the goalie move, while keeping the body protected from all angles

Flexible foam on bicep/forearm
Built to keep the goalie safe, while also helping them stay mobile

Anatomical elbow cup
Provides great fit

Adjustable velcro
Customized to keep the goalie safe and comfortable