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CLASSIC, Forever

We do not say coated blade is perfect option for you. Because, every individual player has different skating styles and feelings. even if they have the same height and weight. All kind of MASSIVE BLADE becomes STRONGER & HARDER through special manufacturing process.
Also, uniformity grain structure makes it TOUGHER than you never felt.
We call this the CLASSIC from MASSIVE.


When you have a knicks on your blade, you will be fall down when you turn or trying to stop. BUT, on the MASSIVE hardly feel knicks. it’s tougher and harder steel. your knick shape looks like more rounder. Without any coating, this steel helps your grind on the ice. Our manufacturing technology takes you next level of hockey.

Why we do vacuum heat treatment?

The air we breathe contains a number of elements that can react with metals under the proper conditions. Moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen are present in significant amounts in our atmosphere. Each can react to varying degrees with many different metals.
While many of these reactions occur to only a small extent at room temperature, they are often greatly accelerated in the presence of heat. consider the example of a piece of polished metal held over a heat source. It will eventually turn blue or black as the elements in the atmosphere react with the hot metal. We try to minimize the extent of these reactions during heat treating.
The reactions cause changes in the surface properties of the metal that may result in a heat treated component with a surface(edge) that is much harder than the rest of the component. To minimize these undesirable reactions, the source of the reactive elements, air, must be eliminated from the heat treating environment.


Material : Stainless steel.
Blade Radius : 11′ (3.35 meter).
Height : 20±0.1 mm (0.787±0.0004″).
Thickness : 2.8±0.02 mm (0.11±0.0008″), 2.9±0.02 mm (0.114±0.0008″).
Hardness : 56.5±0.5 HRC.
Surface Coating : n/a.
Surface Hardness : 450~650 HV.
Coat Thickness : n/a.