• Artnr: X1000-40-90L

Beskrivning av artikel

Argon X1000 is a hybrid and is crafted by a mixture of carbon fiber and fiber glass in a true one-piece stick. This stick will give you excellent puck control and feeling with the shaft due to the enhanced grip technology.

BALANCED-WEIGHT: This is a balanced weight stick to give better durability and a hard shot.

MID-KICK: This stick is with mid-kick which gives you a harder shot than low-kick.

EPT POWERTRAIN: With the new and improved Enhanced Power Transfer system embedded in the stick ensures maximum power transfer from your body through the stick and into the puck, which gives you better accuracy and higher puck velocity for a harder and more precise shot, every time.

HYBRID STICK: The stick is made of a combination of carbon fiber and fiber glass. This combination gives you a highly durable and long lasting stick.

ONE-PIECE: One-Piece carbon molding process. This ensures that there are no weak points where the blade meets the shaft.

EXO-GRIP: The exterior texture grip for better stick feeling and maximum grip.

ENHANCED BLADE: The fiberglass blade is highly durable and damage resistant.

MVX BALANCE POINT: Giving the stick the best balance point for your ideal stick handling and puck control.