• Artnr: X3000-NV-13

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The Argon X3000 is the most advanced glove we have made so far The glove is designed to give the players the absolute best protection without compromising flexibility or feeling with the stick.

Together with the Exo Grip and Extreme Grip featurees on our Vanx sticks, you will get a supreme touch and feeling with the stick. Making your dekes and dangles possible and completely awesome.

MAXIMUM PRO PROTECTION: The glove is made from a carefully selected lightweight and durable material which gives you a light, flexible yet protective glove.

IMPROVED INNER SKIN FOR SUPREME GRIP: Improved inner skin in the palm for better comfort, stickhandling and durability.

2 PIECE THUMB DESIGN FOR PROTECTION AND FLEXIBILITY: The 2 piece protection design ensures best protection while keeping the flexibility in the fingers.

PRO-FIT FOR OPTIMIZED MOBILITY: The Pro-Fit is a fabric designed to be as comfortable and to ensure the best mobility as possible for your improved stickhandling. Tight fit around the hand and lose on wrist.

FLEXI THUMB PROTECTION: The Flexi thumb protection design gives better protection but still maintains full flexibility in the thumb.