• Artnr: X3000-75-28L

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ARGON X3000 is our most advanced stick to date. It is a Superlight full carbon stick with a weight at 410g. It is designed to be lighter, stronger and more agile and with the Hyper-Kick technology it will give you a more powerful and precise shot. The TXT tecture blade and Extreme Grip will give you the ultimate connection and feeling with the stick and puck.

SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT: With a weight of only 410g it is one of the lightest sticks available on the market.

HYPER-KICK: Hyper Kick is a technology that make low kick shots even faster and harder.

EPT POWERTRAIN: With the new and improved Enhanced Power Transfer system embedded in the stick ensures maximum power transfer from your body through the stick and into the puck, which gives you better accuracy and higher puck velocity for a harder and more precise shot, every time.

CARBON FIBER: The stick is made from TORAY T700 and T800, 18K carbon fiber material for the best overall erformance and maximum strength.

ONE-PIECE: One-Piece carbon molding process. This ensures that there are no weak points where the blade meets the shaft.

EXO-GRIP: The exterior texture grip for better stick feeling and maximum grip.

TXT BLADE: The blade has a rough textured surface for better puck control and harder shot Enhances dribbling and puck movement.

DIAMOND BLADE: 3 bridge carbon grid in the blade with high-density foam, which ensures stiffness, and durability in the blade. Matt finish blade.

MVX BALANCE POINT: A higher balance point for ideal stick handling and puck control.

EXPANDI FOAM: Our new and tougher expansion foam in the blade gives you a more durable blade with better strength and flexibility for at more accurate shot.

EXTREME GRIP: With extra gripping elements added to the underside of the shaft for even better grip, contact and feeling with the stick.