CCM JetSpeed FT670 skridskor INT

  • 3 599 kr
  • 2 999 kr

Artikelnummer: SK670IN

The JETSPEED FT670 skates are made fromCCM’s ONE PIECE BOOT technology, designed to give you more directenergy transfer. They also provide a snugger, more personalized fit,for faster strides on the ice. Made of high-density microfiber, theliner offers both comfort and high resistance to wear, so you canreally take advantage of those strides all season long.

One-piece boot 
Get more direct energy transfer and acloser fit for faster strides.

Stiffness of 150
Solid core for great skatingperformance.

HD Microfiber liner
High resistance to wear with added EVAlayer delivering major fit and comfort.

Asymmetrical felt tongue 
7 mm felt with added foam for comfortand protection.

Molded CCM ortholite ultra
Ultra-lightweight enhanced comfort andmolded fit.

Speedblade XS holder
CCM quick-release holder with BladeLocksystem.

CCM XS stainless runner
Provides a long-lasting edge forlong-term performance.