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Artikelnummer: HSAS4PSR

Supercharge your shot power with the SUPER TACKS AS4 PRO hockey stick, the highest-grade CCM TACKS hockey stick we have to offer. Its high-performance Skeleton + and Nanolite carbon layering technologies make the hockey stick incredibly lightweight and robust. With its mid kickpoint and new Acufeel blade with peel-ply technology, this stick offers accuracy, powerful shots, and a game-changing puck feel.

Mid kickpoint
Built with a soft mid-section for longer loading periods to store maximum energy, plus a stiff taper zone to boost stability and response.

Skeleton +
Manufacturing technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability in key moments of the game.

Nanolite carbon layering
High-performance carbon layering technology which creates a stick that's both incredibly light and incredibly strong.

T-Shape shaft geometry
This proven square-shaped design offers you a traditional feel that provides you with great grip and control.

Acufeel blade with peel-ply
This new blade was perfected to achieve the right blend of stiffness and feel. It is still enough to deliver accuracy and control, but softer in order to improve puck feel sigmatex.

Spread Tow shaft and blade

75, 85, 95, 105

P28 L/R, P29 L/R

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