CCM Fitlite 3DS combo hjälm Sr

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The CCM FitLite 3DS helmet was built to meet the needs of our pro players. It features D3O smartfoam technology with rate sensitive properties that react differently to various levels of impact. The front to back adjustment and the new 360° wrapping Microdial III adjustment system provide an improved customized fit. All in all, the FitLite3DS is #FitToProtect.


SMART MATERIAL WITH RATE SENSITIVE SHOCK ABSORBING PROPERTIES. Premium level protection disperses the force of impact.


LOW DENSITY EPP WITH MEMORY FOAM COMFORT CUSHIONS. Offers a lightweight professional level of protection and a state of the art comfort.


ALLOWS A FULL 3600 WRAP AND ADJUSTMENT. Optimal fit and comfort with an occipital lock for a customizable fit that keeps the helmet in place during play.


HIGH DENSITY PE SHELL WITH ABS SUBSHELL. Lightweight professional level of protection with team customizable colour.


46-56 CM
54-59 CM
58-64 CM

CCM Fitlite 3DS hjälm Sr
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